Last year 2018 a really big year for me, but I will tell more to you in this post and more to come. In 2017 I was going with my friend to a casting for modeling and I never thought that I will pass, because I was 73 kg and I thought myself that I am fluffy (not the perfect women to be a model).

73 kg model life:)

After I was modeling I have try to loose weight for a bit of time, but actually not. I mean I wanted to loose weight but never cared too much. In this time I was going at the gym, but not be careful to what I was eating.

In one day I was at the gym and my leg got broken at one of the moves. I got to the emergencies and then to a surgery that ended up with 6 months of physiotherapy. I have decided that the best for me was to loose weight, after the doctor said to me that this might happen again, because of my weight that was putting pressure to my knee. Because I knew that I cannot do it alone I call my mom and she found one of the best nutritionist for me.

You can find it here :

I was talking with the doctor on Skype once per week and helped me a lot. He was a nutritionist, but also a friend that was trying to help you with a lot of advices and a lot of patience.

After 3 months I was a totally new person. I was to the agency for another catwalk and also for new photos, because now I am 57 kg instead of 73 kg and people can not recognize me. I had a hard time with changing the clothes, because from 42 size now I am size 34/36. It was hard, but worth it.

You can find more photos of me as a model with me before and after on the agency website :

57 kg me 🙂